The Struggle

It's as Old as Creation

A relationship between Man and Woman is mirrored in the relationship between God and Man. A married man craves, desires, wants to touch, hold, and to be with his wife. When she is too busy, or it is not the right time, or other things come up – he feels left out of that relationship. That is exactly how God feels with us. He so desires that intimate, one-on-one relationship, that when we are busy doing His work or have other things going on, He is hurt. The problem is that even when we are too busy for Him, His desire for us remains.

God’s desire is for us to long for Him as He longs for us. We have to become REAL to ourselves and Him – to where He is the priority in our lives. The problem is that pornography and all sorts of impurities take us away from Him. We replace our natural desire for intimacy with unnatural desires of the world. Just as a marriage is wrecked by infidelity, our intimacy with God is destroyed by falling for other seductions.

As the online pornography industry continues to rapidly grow, the struggle becomes harder. Over fifty percent of all websites are sexual in nature. Nearly two-thirds of Christian men have admitted to struggling with pornography to some level. Around twenty percent of all women are addicted to pornography. In addition to the spiritual ramifications, this opens the door to sexual predators, adultery, violent behavior, and much more. We can no longer stand idly by, hoping things change. We must fight back. Our hearts, homes, churches, and world are the prize to the victor. WE MUST LEARN TO FIGHT!